Why fans of Jojo’s bizarre adventure reject his collaboration with Gucci as Canon

While the characters in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure often have their own unique flair, the series once went real-world fashion with Gucci.

The Jojo’s bizarre adventure The series is well known for the unique poses of its characters and their weird sense of style, but the real fashion show can often feature equally bizarre outfits, and this similarity caught the attention of designer Frida Giannini at Gucci, leading to one of the strangest yet most logical collaborations of all time.

The one-shot manga Jolyne, Fly High with GUCCI! is a 25 page story written by series creator Hirohiko Araki, released in December 2012. As the title suggests, it focuses on the star of Ocean of stone, Jolyne Cujoh. One of the more unusual aspects of the manga is that it was not originally published in a typical manga magazine like Jojo’s house series. Ultra jump, but rather a fashion magazine called SPUR, published by the same publisher, Shueisha. Its collaborative status actually led it to receive an official digital English release via Gucci’s social media pages, which made this odd little spin-off Jolyne’s first officially translated manga appearance into English, like Ocean of stone still has not had an appropriate English version to date.


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Jolyne, Fly High with GUCCI! follows Jolyne as she waits at an airport for a flight to Tokyo, shortly after the death of her mother (and Jotaro’s ex-wife). A point is made on the fact that before his death, Jolyne’s mother had arranged for all of her clothes to be tailored for Jolyne. Meanwhile, Jolyne is confronted by two government agents and another man, all of whom should have faces familiar to Jojo fans if not Jolyne herself. They are looking for a unicorn, which is apparently of great value to the government. Jolyne spots him and sees he’s hurt; he approaches her in search of help, but the agents spot her with it. Between the panels, the unicorn disappears and the pattern on her scarf changes to include it. Jolyne recognizes that she is dreaming and takes it as auspicious.

JoJo-Jolyne-Gucci-Licorne's Bizarre Adventure

Government agents are played by Bucciarati and Abbacchio, two characters from Golden Wind who helped Giorno and died throughout the story. The third man is Polpo, a villainous character the couple previously worked for and who also died during Golden Wind. Although Gucci is not referred to by name in the one-shot, the story focuses on the importance of clothes and what they can mean to a person, and it features several cover pages of Jolyne wearing outfits. complexes based on Gucci’s 2013 CRUISE fashion. line. The magazine also played it upside down, with a cover image of a model dressed to look like The appearance of Jolyne in the short.

While this story is generally viewed as non-canon, its dream status provides flexibility for fans who enjoy it. Since the three Golden Wind the characters would be dead by then Ocean of stone begins, their appearance could be explained by a visit to the afterlife, especially since Bucciarati in particular is known to do so. Jolyne’s mother does not die during Ocean of stone, which is the main reason he’s not considered canon, but again, it might just be a fear expressed in his dreams rather than a literal account of events. After all, as far as Jojo’s bizarre adventure goes, dead aliens and unicorns wouldn’t even be so weird as a dream, especially if they provide a reason to sneak in some awesome Gucci fashion pose.

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