YouTuber tests a 1,500 horsepower twin-turbo Viper

How a 1,500 horsepower biturbo works To dodge The sound of the viper? Pretty scary, if you ask us, and Street Speed ​​717 YouTube Channel proves he can terrify everyone’s bejesus.

But first, there’s also a great giveaway shot on the video, with a RAM TRX going to Californian Jonah Cooper who deserved a good ride in his life. Here’s how the Viper and TRX go down…

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First, terrifying family with the viper

Vipers, on the whole, are terrifying. They make deadly snakes and even even deadlier cars, and Mike from Street Speed ​​717 owns one that can have you shaking in your boots.

The Viper runs on a Calvo CM 1300 package and is as powerful as a Viper can get. The gust of wind coming out of the exhaust when the car starts is a pretty good indication of power, isn’t it?

The first guy Mike gets to sit in his car is Rich, Mike’s neighbor, who is officially retired and thinks the Dodge Viper is completely crazy. He also thinks the exhausts might trick people into thinking you’re shooting at them, and his facial expressions as the Viper drives forward are a treat. His ultimate parry, “it was a raw animal!”

Two other passengers joined us and the reactions were everywhere. We saw nervous laughter, outright terror, and an “I’m going to throw” expression from Bobby.

The Viper is not everyone’s cup of Joe.

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A good deed, indeed

The video actually starts with Mike talking about the RAM TRX giveaway, usually announced on Sunday. A family emergency delayed the game and the winner, Jonah Cooper of California, got the call on Wednesday. Wrote Mike on Instagram, “HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to @jcoope108 for winning our 2022 Ignition TRX plus $10,000!!! Another day, another life changed by your humble servant, and @inshanedesigns We’ll be flying it in from California to check out next week, so stay tuned! Thank you all very much for participating. I really can’t thank you guys enough for letting us do this stuff, and I’m so lucky to have the coolest job ever!”

Considering Cooper lost his brother to an OD last month, this TRX is going to a better place, as one fan commented, “I checked his page and it looks like it’s really going to pick him up. You probably provided such a boost that he hasn’t seen since. Not upset to have missed this one.

Source: Street Speed ​​YouTube Channel 717

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