Z by HP releases a short film bringing interactive storytelling to the data science community

Friday, February 18andNBCUniversal and Z by HP will release the first branded short to stream on Peacock titled, Unblocked, an action-packed thriller that takes viewers on a thrilling adventure with data science at its heart. Inspired by and created for data scientists, viewers will be taken on an interactive journey that unravels an ancient mystery that may change the world.

Along with the movie, created and produced by Giant Spoon, Z by HP presents data scientists with four movie-related data challenges to hp.com/unlockedlaunching a new Z contest where participants have the chance to win ZBook Studio laptops and the grand prize, a trip to Kaggle Days XZ by HP World Championship in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Track the data and uncover the truth. Watch Unlocked, an action-packed interactive short film designed for data scientists. Two data scientists must use the power of data to find a rare flower, believed to cure neurological diseases, before it falls into the wrong hands. The thing is, you can access the same datasets as the characters in the movie, to put your skills to the test in challenges that focus on data visualization, natural language processing, signal processing, and computer vision.

“The interactive component of Unlocked and the corresponding tutorials present four different types of data science challenges, the first is data visualization based on environmental data, the second examines natural language processing or text analysis at the using synthesized blog posts and Internet data, the third involves signal processing of audio information, and the fourth uses computer vision to analyze online image collections. data science and unique applications that could potentially solve real world problems. There is a lot of fun in each of these challenges, and we are really excited to present data science in a high production value medium that makes it accessible and compelling to all audiences. Ken Jee, Z by HP Data Science Ambassador and Chief Science Officer of s data at Scouts Consulting Group

“The data science community is passionate about problem solving, so we developed Unlocked, a one-of-a-kind interactive movie. It is designed to give experienced data scientists, newcomers and students the opportunity to put their skills to the test. We are committed to providing the most robust tools with our powerful, high-performance Z Workstations and technology solutions, enabling data scientists to accelerate the resolution of the most complex problems. We are excited to partner with NBCUniversal and share this film on Peacock Erin Mott, Global Marketing Manager, Advanced Compute & Solutions, Z by HP

For more information, please visit www.hp.com/unlocked.

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